Bonnie Tyler Goes Meta As Shit For Eclipse

Turns out it only takes an extremely rare celestial event to get everybody on the Bonnie Tyler train extra hard for about 48 hours. As there is no way you haven’t heard, we experienced a total solar eclipse here in the United States. However, the real story wasn’t in the stars, it was taking place on a Royal Caribbean “Total Eclipse Cruise” ship in front of what I’m guessing was a lot sweaty people. Along with help from DNCE, fronted by a super Freddie Mercury-esque looking Nick Jonas, the Welsh pop icon sang a 2 minute and 40 second (the exact amount of time as the totality of the eclipse) rendition of her 1983 hit that has become a staple at every wedding you have ever been to and any karaoke night you’ve been within earshot of. Ole Bonnie belted it out several times throughout the day, presumably covering each of the seven different versions (including the eclipse edit) of the tune. Below is a clip of her on CNN sharing her favorite verse from the song and reminding us all of her blindingly Welsh accent that I had totally forgotten about.


So there you have it, does she still have the chops? I don’t know, the years are long and the Welsh winters are unkind. Will she be around for the next total eclipse? Let’s fucking hope so, because who else could be a better ambassador for the cosmos than Bonnie? Who, when “asked by Berman if you can stare into a total eclipse of the heart without glasses, Tyler said: ‘That's a good one. I will definitely be wearing my glasses later, but I'm sure that you can look into my heart. I wear it on my sleeve.’”


Pro answer, Bonnie.



Bonnie Tyler sang “Eclipse” while in an eclipse. Is still a romantic. Is still very Welsh.


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