Joyce Manor - The Concord, Chicago, IL 2/3/17

I heard that Joyce Manor put on a great show, but I don’t remember for myself. I do remember about a million Budweisers before the show, I remember the opening band but forgot their name, I remember losing my phone in an uber after the concert and forgot about my roommate helping me get it back. I also remember eating super spicy thai food and yelling at someone until they gave me a high five. Just not Joyce Manor. I think the show was a good time. Go check her out, but don’t take my word for it.


Should I drink a million Budweisers before? No, just half a million.

What if I lose my phone there? I don’t know, I’m too hungover to care.

What thai dish should I get after the show? Ironically enough, drunken noodle is a good call.